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Masters? Yes !

Dec 28, 1996 08:57 PM
by Richard Taylor

I take my lead on this subject from Mr.  Judge, who stated in a
number of articles and letters that it is the power of the
Masters that sustains all true spiritual work in the world, and
that if it weren't for Them all real Theosophy would have folded
at the outset.  We should mention Masters to inquirers right from
the beginning, because that is where we get all of
our teachings from.  Mr.  Judge begins his OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY is this manner,
and indicated in various articles that those Theosophical centers
which discussed the Masters, invited inquiry about the Masters,
and pointed to Them, flourished, while those which didn't,
shriveled up or became weak, falling into pseudo-Theosophy.  Time
has proven him right.

BUT -- and it's a big BUT -- we shouldn't be USING the Masters in
any way, if that makes sense.  We shouldn't go around claiming
They guide our every move, or are infallible, or send letters to
every inquirer.  This leads to hierarchy (those in touch are
special), dogmatism (I'm right because Master told me so),
delusion (this one speaks for itself) psychism (I'm channeling
the Master right now !) and other-reliance (Master will do it FOR

It is enough to indicate that by the very theory of spiritual
evolution Masters must exist; that all world religions talk about
advanced souls, Sages, Prophets, Mahatmas; and that two of them
guided HPB to beginning the Theosophical movement.  We should
also indicate to people that the Masters exist to serve each one
who is earnest, and that each can make their OWN connection to
their spiritual essence, which is where the Master resides.  No
priests, no single doctrine, no organization contain the Masters:
no intermediary is needed.  It is enough that They exist, that
They are active in the world, and that They exist to help us
become more self-reliant and "the better able to help and teach

We will realize the Master (inner and outer) when we truly serve
Theosophy -- study, practice, and teach it -- and when we become
true altruists.  To the degree we achieve any of that, to that
very degree will we KNOW that Masters are real.


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