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Re:"The Masters and the Path"

Dec 19, 1996 05:05 PM
by Rodolfo Don

> I would like to hear some comments from people who have read the
> above mentioned book (The Masters and the Path).  And, if anyone
> has a source for it I would like to get some copies.


I had a copy of "The Masters and the Path" but I can't find it.
Recently I ordered a copy of "Man: Whence, How and Whither" from
a company in California that reproduce books that are out of
print by photo copying them.  The quality of the books is nice.
They are bound with spiral binding (I don't know the term).  This
is the company's address:

 Health Research
 P.O. Box 70
 Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245

I got this information from the front of "Man: Whence, etc.", I
don't know if the company is still in business.

About Leadbeater: I read and enjoyed many of his books when I
first entered the TS.  They inspired me to continue my own
studies.  Nowdays I don't read many theosophical books,
regardless of the writer.  I am a firm believer that theosophy is
not found in books.  Theosophy is found by living theosophy.

With best wishes,


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