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Re:"The Masters and the Path"

Dec 19, 1996 01:32 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal


> Lots of people study Leadbeater here and thoroughly enjoy it as
> well as learn from it.  I do.  It's just that some people think
> they have to take on a parental role with us and shout some kind
> of alarm as if we weren't mature enough to decide for ourselves a
> book's worth.  There wasn't one derogatory remark in your post
> and I can't understand why we have to be subjected to a reply
> that is out of sorts with what you wrote.  If we're looking for
> freedom it may prove difficult to come by, because freedom is
> hard fought for.  Leadbeater encourages nothing but right living
> and and purity for theosophists to work towards.

No problem.  I would like to hear some comments from people who
have read the above mentioned book (The Masters and the Path).
And, if anyone has a source for it I would like to get some

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