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Re:"The Masters and the Path"

Dec 17, 1996 10:06 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

Richard Taylor:

> Did I understand Bjorn corrently that this book by Leadbeater
> contains "valuable esoteric teaching"? I'm not a fan of stirring
> up controversy, but I understood that Leadbeater was not only
> useless for true esotericism, but in fact rather STANDS IN THE
> WAY of inner development.  The man is all ego and psychism,

Not at all.  He is only PART ego and psychism.  Some of his
writings are inspired and inspiring.  Mad.  B:s character was
quite dysfunctional also, in many ways, and she made many
mistakes.  Yet she served the masters and produced precious

> how is that going to help a student of the Masters?

For one thing you can practice developing your faculty of
discrimination while reading his books.

> This is not intended as disrespect to his admirers, but really,
> isn't it time we call a spade a spade and let poor Leadbeater and
> his "claims" go?

I agree that he was preposterous at times.  But then again, at
times he was very attuned and produced wonderful writings.

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