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Re:Evolution of Matter

Dec 17, 1996 10:46 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

> The above model appears to agree somewhat with the sequence
> presented by HPB in SD1 Stanza III:8
> the Germ is THAT
> and THAT is LIGHT...
> III:9 LIGHT is Cold flame (Rupa:Luminosity)
> and flame is Fire         (Tejas)
> which produces Heat       (Vibration)
> which yealds water        (Ap)

Germ Light Flame Fire

1. Substance, Essence, Flame and Fiery Breath

2.  Present humanity, Being, Angel or Soul, and Fohat is another
    simpler explanation.

This is why some people might say that the angels are "higher"
than humans.  But it is our "light" that makes us human or not
and if the "flame" is able to hold the presence of a human
side-by-side with an "adept," then we are no longer present in
the substance of earth, solely, placing us more correctly in the
"light" where we are being transcending our form on our return
pathway to the heart of the sun or "fire."

This would be my correlation which I have been dwelling on as of
late.  This is not cosmogenesis, but a picture of the universe in


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