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Dec 15, 1996 12:00 PM
by Bruce Schuman

Hello, Theos-Talk, and good morning from Santa Barbara, CA

I just signed up to this list yesterday, and if I've done it
right, I just wanted to send my greetings -- and ask a question
or two.

I might mention, too, that I did have the chance to hear Dr.
Raghavan Iyer when he was lecturing on Theosophy here in SB, and
I appreciate the list of his writings available on line (I guess
that's at

Somebody on another mailing list mentioned the electronic
publication of _Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy_ the
other day, and I did download it. It seems to be a very fine
book, very substantial, and full of stuff I can use. I'm
wondering how I could most easily go about getting a printed
version. It looks very good in its "Adobe Acrobat" format, but
it is a little hard to read, and I think it would be worth paying
a few dollars for a copy I can scribble all over...

Also, by way of possibly promoting some discussion, I might
mention that I am currently very interested in the concept and
principle of "Logos", and have been doing some writing on this
theme, particularly involving ways to interpret the idea as a
logical and mathematical and even "scientific" principle.

I am exploring the theme that, roughly speaking, "Logos = Cosmic
Christ", and that this idea can be understood in terms of a kind
of crystalline mystical mathematics, possibly as a "general
theory of order", possibly in terms such as "the class of all

I have been experimenting with ways that we could understand
Logos as a principle of logic design, in ways that would allow us
to employ this design in the development of electronic networks.
In this sense, I am following a rather "Teilhardian" vision of
the "Noosphere", and am interested in helping weave or construct
a "global network of light", an "electronic antehkarana". It can
be strongly argued that is already happening, but I like the idea
that we could intentionally model or design this network in ways
that instantiate or unfold the core mysteries of Logos as the
fundamental design principle behind the network.


That's a mouthful, or a mind-full, maybe an overload. I'd be
interested in any suggestions on the book, and also any comments
regarding Logos, or ways to empower the global network of light.

Thanks for being here. I look forward to learning from this

- Bruce Schuman

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