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Announcing the Release of a New Ebook

Dec 09, 1996 06:43 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

New Theosophical Ebook

This is to announce an ebook version of FUNDAMENTALS OF THE
ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHY in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format. It can be
downloaded using a web browser from:

The ebook is based upon the first edition, but also includes
spelling updates, standardization of terminology, and reworking
of the diagrams into postscript drawings. A copyright has been
added to protect it against commercial exploitation, and it
refers the reader to buy a paper copy from either Theosophical
University Press or Point Loma Publications, the two publishers
offering the book in print.

The ebook is over 3 MB in size, but it is a large book, with over
600 pages of text. The electronic edition leaves off a table of
contents, and page headers. Footnotes are merged into the text.
Text is related to the pagination of the first edition through
the insertion of page-end markers. A "[37]" is inserted, for
instance, into the etext at the point where page 37 of the print
edition ends. This allows for citations to be made to the print
edition, regardless of how the ebook pagination changes from one
release to the next, or from one format (like PDF) to the next
(like HTML).

Any errors noticed in the book should be referred to

so that corrections can be made in subsequent releases of the

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