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Re:Voluspa - 6th race

Oct 22, 1996 04:52 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

What of the Gods? What of the Elves?
Gianthome groans, the Gods are in council,
The Dwarves groan before their door of stone,
Masters of walls.
Well, would you know more?

Surt with the bane of branches comes
>From the south, on his sword the sun of the Valgods,
Crags topple, the crone falls headlong,
Men tread Hel's Road, the Heavens split open.

A further woe falls upon Hlin
As Odin comes forth to fight the Wolf;
The killer of Beli battles with Surt:
Now shall fall Frigg's beloved.

Now valiant comes Valfather's Son,
Vidar, to view with Valdyr in battle,
Plunges his sword into the Son of Hvedrung,
Avenging his father with a fell thrust.

Now the Son of Hlodyn and Odin comes
To fight with Fenrir; fiercest of warriors,
He mauls in his rage all Middle-Earth;
Men in fear all flee their homesteads;
Nine paces back steps Bur's son,
Retreats from the Worm, of taunts unafraid.

These five stanzas are all that I find concerning the sixth race.
I haven't been getting any comments, but I'm going to try to make
a list of the good and bad forces and I'm hoping maybe Sveinn or
someone will correct me if I'm wrong.


Valfather's Son, Vidar
Son of Hlodyn and Odin


the crone
the Wolf
the killer of Beli
Frigg's beloved
son of Hvedrung


Valdyr - although the prefix Val suggests an alliance with
Valkyries and Valfather.  Bur's Son - could this be mankind?

We see in the last stanza a retreat of the nine, which are found
among the beginning verses of the Voluspa and all that remain now
are "nine" stanzas, (in my mind representative of the seventh
race) which you may or may not see as qualifying under the
continued thread of searching for a "council of the Gods".

Here is a review of the qualifying verses.

1st race: The High Gods gathered in council
2nd race: The High Gods gathered in council
3rd race: Then from the host Three came,
Great, merciful, from the God's home:
4th race: The Gods hastened to their Hall of Judgement
5th race: The Gods hastened to their Hall of Judgement
6th race: Gianthome groans, the Gods are in council
7th race: Red with blood the buildings of Gods,

Your comments are welcome.

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