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Voluspa - 4th & 5th races

Oct 09, 1996 06:42 PM
by Brenda S Tucker


I guess you didn't feel like answering the last post.  Maybe
you'll find material here for commenting on.

The stanzas continue:

The first war in the world I well remember,
When Gullveg was spitted on spear-points
And burned in the hall of the High God:
Thrice burned, thrice reborn
Often laid low, she lives yet.

The Gods hastened to their Hall of Judgement,
Sat in council to decide whether
To endure great loss in loud strife
Or let both command men's worship.

In my estimation this might be the fourth race, because the two
kingdoms, human and animal had to break completely apart.  I
don't know how this happened exactly.  I would think that man
would still have an inner life, but it appears that the place:
the hall of the High God is out of commission, no longer playing
a part in man's existence.  Could the being, man, have lost touch
with his soul and the inner realms, and through this cycle of
coming into existence have reached a disastrous stage requiring a
trip down through the lower three planes?

What happened between the third and fourth races according to THE
SECRET DOCTRINE? Man was practically a king in the third race
when all of the arts and sciences were presented to him.  The
book speaks of a Fall during this time.

At any rate, we no longer have the esteem of the entire animal
kingdom, but are left alone to face an entire host of shistas
with the aid of the solar logos, if not the aid of a kingdom of
adepts, which is put off until the fifth race.

The council is now held in a "Hall of Judgement," suggesting the
physical plane of Earth.  The big problem they are discussing is
"loss and strife." What should they do about the pain and sorrow
in life? Well, I think they decided to fight against it.

If you can equate this to a courtroom session, it's like
listening to the evils of earth, but taking no real action to
stop it.

It's not until the next race where in the "Hall of Judgement" the
Gods could sit in council and try to "discover who." This is a
typically fifth race or "fifth ray" activity, where through hard
evidence the pieces of a story are put together.  The stanza
reads like this:

The Gods hastened to their Hall of Judgement
Sat in council to discover who
Had tainted all the air with corruption
And Odin's Maid offered to the Giants.

Now the next 19 stanzas occur before another mention of a
council.  This would constitute the longest section for any one
race's discussion.  There are only five stanzas for the sixth
race and eight or nine stanzas for the seventh race.

More to come.

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