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~Ocean of Theosophy~

Aug 22, 1996 10:02 AM
by Nicholas Weeks

WQ Judge's book is now available online, at the Theosophy
[Spirit-WWW] site. It is also called Theosophy Corner.

> Theosophical Classic:
> The Ocean of Theosophy
> by William Quan Judge
> New York, May 1893
> Mirror-Sites: USA - Europe - Australia
> [INLINE] William Quan Judge
> An attempt is made in the pages of this book to write of
> theosophy in such a manner as to be understood by the ordinary
> reader. Bold statements are made in it upon the knowledge of the
> writer, but at the same time it is distinctly to be understood
> that he alone is responsible for what is therein written: the
> Theosophical Society is not involved in nor bound by anything
> said in the book, nor are any of its members any the less good
> Theosophists because they may not accept what I have set down.
> The tone of settled conviction which may be thought to pervade
> the Chapters is not the result of dogmatism or conceit, but flows
> from knowledge based upon evidence and experience. Members of
> the Theosophical Society will notice that certain theories or
> doctrines have not been gone into. That is because they could
> not be treated without unduly extending the book and arousing
> needless controversy.
> The subject of the Will has received no treatment, inasmuch as
> that power or faculty is hidden, subtle, undiscoverable as to
> essence, and only visible in effect. As it is absolutely
> colorless and varies in moral quality in accordance with the
> desire behind it, as also it acts frequently without our
> knowledge, and as it operates in all the kingdoms below man,
> there could be nothing gained by attempting to enquire into it
> apart from the Spirit and the desire.
> I claim no originality for this book. I invented none of it,
> discovered none of it, but have simply written that which I have
> been taught and which has been proved to me. It therefore is
> only a handing on of what has been known before.
> Chapter II
> Chapter III
> Chapter IV
> Chapter V
> Chapter VI
> Chapter VII
> Chapter VIII
> Chapter IX Chapter X
> Chapter XI
> Chapter XII
> Chapter XIII
> Chapter XIV
> Chapter XV
> Chapter XVI
> Chapter XVII
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