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Aug 12, 1996 04:02 PM
by Reed Carson

Long time students of Theosophy are quite accustomed to observing
an ongoing stream of confirmations of Theosophy over the days and
years. Sometimes these may be items of large significance and
sometimes only minor significance. Generally these get lost and
forgotten and their cummulative evidentiary weight is known only
to the individual student. Blavatsky Net is now going to make an
effort to accumulate some of these items as they pass by. They
will be accummulated under the option "Pebbles" on the home page.

Another way of looking at this is to note that the writings of
HPB are an authentic fragment of the ancient wisdom that we hold
in our hands. Blavatsky Net believes that because of their great
significance, the writings of HPB should be examined in detail,
inch by inch, and sometimes phrase by phrase. "Pebbles" can also
be understood as an attempt to begin that research and accumulate
it in one place.

"Beer making skills in ancient Egypt" have been commented upon in
very recent press so we have chosen information on that subject
as the first pebble.

We begin with one pebble. There will be more.

Best wishes to all. Yours, Scribe.

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