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"God" speaks, and other Flapdoddle

Aug 09, 1996 02:13 PM
by James S Yungkans

I was not going to respond, as I consider the positing of a
personal dialogue, without the permission of the originator, to
be very "Un-Theosophical", however this may develop into
excellent difinitive statement as to what a theosophist is, or
rather should be.

Liesel writes: "Dear God Jungkans,

 > Please allow Bishop Dr. Alan Baines to be a Theosophist.
 > Amen.
 > Liesel"

If I were 'God', I would set my hand upon the lad, annoint him
with oil, and declare with a loud voice "THOU ART A THEOSOHIST"
(perhaps even blow the Shofir to honor of HIS 'God'.)
Unfortunatly, this is not be possible, as I don't claim to be
God, only someone with an opinion (and not always the most
favorable :(

I stated, in my post to Dr. Bain "read HPB's statements about
what one [a theosophist] is, and tell me where I am mistaken." I
will provide the following so that future 'comments' may prove
both illuminating and beneficial for us all:

> Are they what they claim to be - students of natural law, of
> ancient and modern philosophy, and even of exact science? Are
> they Deists, Atheists, Socialists, Materialists, or Idealists; or
> are they but a schism of modern Spiritualism - mere
> visionaries?...The Society's members represent the most varied
> nationalities and races, and were born and educated in the most
> dissimilar creeds...Some believe in one thing, others in another.
> Some incline tward the ancient magic, or secret wisdom that was
> taught in the sancuaries, which was the very opposite of
> supernaturalism or diabolism; others in modern spiritualism
> [Spiritism], or intercourse with spirits of the dead; still
> others in mesmerism [Magnetic/Pranic healing (i.e. Therapeutic
> Touch, Rekei, and the like)] or animal magnetism, or only an
> ocult dynamic force in nature. A certain number have scarcely
> yet aquired any difinitive belief, but are in a state of
> attentive expectancy; and there are even those who call
> themselves materialists, in a certain sense.
> ... Of Athiests and and bigoted sectarians of any religion [or
> philosophy], there are none in the Society...for once they cannot
> free themselves from the [their] conception of the abstract ideal
> of power, cause, necessity, and effect, they can be considered as
> athiests only in respect to a personal God, and not to the
> Universal Soul of the Pantheist. On the other hand, the bigoted
> sectarian, fenced in, as he is, with a creed upon every paling is
> written the warning,
> > 'No Thoroughfare,' can neither come out of [anyones] enclosure to
> > join the Theosophical Society, nor, if he could, has [the
> > Society] room for one whose very religion [or philosophy] forbids
> > examination. The very root idea of the Society is FREE and
> > FEARLESS investigation.
> ... It ties to act upon the wisdom of the old Buddhistic axiom,
> 'Honor thine own faith, and do not slander that of others'...All
> have an equal right to have the essential features of their
> religious belief [or philosophy] laid before the tribunal of an
> impartial world...
> -- "What are the Theosophists," THE THEOSOPHIST, October 1879

I stand before the tribunal of Theos-L. I, having been brought
here by a Bishop (of what I must ask) to stand and answer for
"seek[ing] to provoke another such [theosophist] into engaging in
a dialogue [on one's philosophy]" Of this, I am guilty. However,
HPB states that "all have an equal right to have...their religous
belief laid before the tribunal" I am therefore not guilty of a
crime, but OF ACTING AS A THEOSOPHIST! My mannerisms may seem
harsh at times, but I feel that my point and purpose has always
been theosophical in intent. I might ask if Bishop Bain "could
perhaps show more "brotherly" feeling" himself before placing me
in judgement for my actions. As he states that he "hope[s] to be
of service, and to share what we have in amity with other
theosophical, occult, and esoteric organizations", I would hope
that he would find the time to do so, rather than condemm another
for the manner in which he feels something is said.

HPB once said "Men slander only those whom they hate - or fear."
I would hope that Alan would listen to his own words when he
writes "we also recognise that family members do not always
agree... What I personally hope we shall be able to do is the
celebrate our differences, to find joy in the diversity"

In fellowship, James Scott Yungkans, F.T.S.

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